Lorenzo Fajardo Miravite
September 5, 1921 - April 7, 1994

The late Dean Miravite, as he was known in the legal community, was eagerly looking forward to their golden anniversary on July 29 of this year recalls, Mrs. Miravite. Prior arrangements have been made with the 13 children, seven of whom permanently reside in the US, as well as all the 26 grandchildren to come home for the grand celebration supposed to be the first among Atty. Miravite's 12 brothers and sisters.

Enchong, or Insong, as he was fondly called by relatives and close friends, was a quiet man, describes Mrs. Miravite. He never scolded their children who have very high regard for their father. The size of the Miravite brood, never became a problem. There was no jealousy among them regarding money. They already had three children when he placed fourth in the bar examination in 1948 with an average of 94.45%, still unsurpassed at MLQU up to this date. He started his law studies at UP and finished at MLQU where he joined the law faculty in 1950 and taught until 1992. In 1972, he became the Dean of the School of Law.

Mrs. Miravite also recounts that initially her husband wanted to take up medicine, but as an obedient son, he instead took up Law as the elder Miravite told him that somebody in the family should take care of everything. Indeed, Atty. Miravite took care of everything. The elder Miravite knew his son to excel in everything. As in fact, he did, when he graduated Valedictorian at the Arellano High School.

Although they have put up two rural banks in Iloilo, in the 1960's, which are both still doing well, Atty. Miravite devoted more time to being a lawyer, leaving the tasks of managing the banks to his wife. A straight forward lawyer is how he his widow described him.

As father of 13 children, he was prudent and frugal in spending. He put very high premium on discipline and education. A simple man, he measured success in terms of his children, who are successful in their respective fields of endeavor ; engineering, medicine, commerce, actuarial science, agriculture, statistics, law, dentistry and computer science.

As a professional, he also put a very high value on time, always prompt in his appointments. Aside from being a trial lawyer, and a law professor, he was also an author of books of commercial law, Roman law and rural banking.

A loving son, husband, father and true professional, it can be said that Atty. Miravite's life is one exemplary values. It was a classic case of a sense of values being passed on from one generation to another. His exemplary life is in itself a rich legacy to his family. Those who know him for his endearing and sterling qualities will greatly miss him.

[NOTE: This article was published in April-May, 1994 issue of Asiatrust Development Bank newsletter. Celia V. Clarete, the author, quotes "Last month, the Board of Directors of Asiatrust Development Bank lost its corporate secretary. A man of many virtues and integrity, a foremost lawyer, former dean of Manuel L. Quezon University School of Law, Atty. Lorenzo F. Miravite passed away on April 7, 1994, at the age of 72. Due to a lingering illness, we never had the opportunity to talk and feature him in this section. Nevertheless, we thought it proper and fitting to pay tribure to him through this article and based on an interview of his widow, Mrs. Avelina V. Miravite."

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