Agustin Fajardo Miravite
1929 - 1986

"the lives he brightened, and the lives he touched cannot be measured."

GUS, a lot of people know him by that name. Fondly called by Lola Asion as "Gustin", I can recall Lola calling Papa, "Gustin, napakaon mo na ang mga bata?" Mga bata? that was us. Lola's thoughtfulness and nurturing qualities were ingrained to Papa's caring attitude. How blessed !

Gus, rootword of GUSTO! with GUSTO! Yes, Papa braved the world with gusto! He was filled with the wonders of life and sought perfection in himself and his work.

A very compassionate man, a loving husband, an understanding and patient father, a counselor and confidante to friends who sought his help. Because of his positive outlook in life no one can stop him from finding peace and contentment for his being. His philosophy in life as I remember his... "Live for the moment, savor everything... like keeping time still... to react to the experience, to learn, to discern and to share life's bountiful blessings." Yes, Gus was a generous person. He kept sharing his thoughts so that people may learn from his priceless experiences.

GUS, with gusto, relates passionately about his endeavors, his visions and dreams for people. His sincerity to help and his relentless passion to share is felt by many. The participants of the Senior IBP, 1985 gave him a beautiful painting and written on it is .. " Thank you for the time, love and understanding that you have shared with us, especially for opening our minds and hearts, petal by petal, to become the person that we always wanted to be." Another one received was a Certificate of Appreciation given by the NACIDA employees and it reads... "Thank you for sharing your experience, your knowledge, your feeling, your time facilitating in discovering ourselves, our persons, identifying our needs, redirecting our lives for a better tomorrow."

So many lives he has touched, Papa and I came a long way, him dragging me along to assisting/attending in his workshps. He was very elated when people listened to his ideas and actually applying what they have learned. With that he would say with gusto..."ang galing-galing ko talaga!", which I often seconded... and ended with his famous ha! ha! laughter and mischievous grin.

Together in seminars and workshops, one would marvel how this man really loved his family... his five beautiful children and especially, Mama. He would talk about Mama's strong character and supportive attitude in his endeavors. He would talk about us individually, emphasizing his learnings with our relationships so that people will know that life really evolves in one's family. To him it was the most important task that our heavenly father has handed down. With pride and with love, he would admit some mistakes (which is very difficult to do) in our relationships amd relates how he makes up for them. He was with us, really watching us grow. Then he would continue to say ..."It is very difficult to build relationships, and it is so easy to destroy one. Build a good, wholesome family." I think that was our motivation why we want this reunion. Sometimes, we don't expect a reaction because we don't come across. There are skills in building a relationship. Always keep in mind that intentions are always good. With that in mind, you can read between the lines. How blessed are we to have a friend, a brother, an uncle and a father like him.

So many things I've learned from him. He taught me how to feel what life has in store for me.."Live for today ", he would always say. "One day at a time. Do not concern yourself with tomorrow or yesterday. They will have their time." He was right. Scripturally, Jesus taught us the same prayer. "Give us this day our daily bread." Christ never taught us to pray "Give us this day, and for tomorrow, for the following week, ... Didn't he?

Though it may sound that he was perfect, he was not. Like anyone of us here, we have our weaknesses. However, he turned his weaknesses into strengths. And you would always hear his envious ha! ha! laughter of victory.

Witty, intelligent, funny, yet sensible. A great Lolo, who sought time to be with his apos (making up for lost time with us). He wants financial security for the grandchildren. He constantly tells me (why ME?) to save for my children's future, when he apologetically was not able to do for us. He even offered to open savings account for them. Unfortunately, he died that evening. Nothing to worry now, we're doing okay. Thanks to you, to Mama and the Miravite clan who stood with us until this day.

Kel Miravite-Agulto
Quezon City, Philippines

March 10, 1996

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