as of November, 2011
Youngest Grandparent:
Daisy L. Miravite    [Tribu Agustin - London, UK]

Couple who have been Married the Longest:
Bob & Celia Miravite    [Tribu Lorenzo - Las Vegas, Nevada]

Youngest Member in Attendance:
Wyatt Miravite Adams 10 months old)    [Tribu Zacarias - Tracy, CA]
Trevyn Miravite Cruz (1 year old)    [Tribu Jose - CA]

Oldest Member in Attendance:
Auntie Tita    [Tribu Estelita - Fairfield, CA]

Most Clan Members in Attendance: Tribu Jose

Biggest Clan Members: Tribu Lorenzo

Who Travelled the Farthest to Attend:
Auntie Pacing    [Tribu Agustin - Philippines]
Auntie Amparing    [Tribu Jose - Philippines]

Who Travelled the Least to Attend:
Malou /Ricky Villacisneros & Family    [Arcadia, CA]

Most 4th Generation Members: Tribu Lorenzo

Budding Genius of the Clan
Liam Miravite Adams (2 years old))    [Tribu Zacarias - Tracy, CA]