Queen of Hearts, Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2011
Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School
Cabatuan, Iloilo


Cabatuan National Comprehensive High School (2009-Present)
Janiuay Pilot Elementary School (2003-2009)
- Valedictorian, JPES Class 2009
- Mathematics award
- English award
- Declaimer of the year
- Dancer of the year
- EPP award
- Journalism award
- Leadership award
- Filipino award
- Best in co-curricular activities
- One of the top 15 most outstanding elementary students in the division of iloilo.
Calvario Memorial Christian School(2000-2003)

Jhun and Elena Pugon Cawagas

Interested In:

What I enjoy doing:
surfing the internet, reading, dancing singing... txting?

Favorite Books:
books by deaN kOOntZ....

Favorite Movies:
Picture this..You are the one...You got me...Close to you...Because of you....Can this be love, You got me....TwiLiGHt!!!!High School musical 1. 2, 3!!!!, FreddY vS. jAs0n... slIther.... aLonE... Black cHristMas... Atlantis the Lost eMpire...I AM LEgEND, Johnny kapahala; bAck on boArd... zOOM, miNutEmEn..... tHe puRsUit of haPPyneSS, eVolution, CarS, .Ratatoullie!!! Ecalypto..The Fox and the Hound 2... frankenStein fish, dAwn of thE deAd... ..drakula.. deep blue sEa..... aQuamArine... The sPiderwIck chronicles ...pasukob, drum line......i thInk i Love my wIfe....tHe prouse family movie, X-men....!Tinkerbell (With out peter pan) ... Madagascar 1and 2 escape to africa, wrong turn 1 and 2, confessions of a shopaholic, Legally blonde 1 and 2, ..The omen..cadet kelly..Serendipity., norbit..6 days..desperadas..my bestfriend's girlfriend..102 dalmatians, 30 days of night, quarantine, hannah montanna (behind d spotlight).Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Parents Trap, 28 weeks, DaDnaPPed

Favorite Music:
..get back..Three little birds.. ojos asi, listen, jai ho..boombastic! haha.., Just dance... poker face.... .fly on th wall... the climb...love story, girlfriend.........million miles away...when you're gone..kaleidoscope world....a very special love, .. you chanGed my life, gEt bAck, this is me.. i juz wanna play my music, decode.......tonight.........thuNder......bop to thE tOp!!!, Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, fabulouS, like wHoa, one love, umbrella, beSt of both wOrlds, nObody'S pErfeCt, aLl fOr oNe, wHat time iS iT? ...... RealiZe, when you look me in the eyes, S.O.S. .... Play my music, Rockstar, this is me.... Teardrops on my guitar...and high school musical 1, 2, and 3's soundtrack ..

Favorite TV Shows:
'BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!', hannAh m0ntanna, ...wizArds of wAverly plAce...

Zodiac Sign:
About Me:
..SinCe the dAy i wAs born, i wAs already me... The cHeeRfuL, fweNdLy,arabutoN, loYaL, giFted?? (hahaha..) feDeLene jOy Cawagas tHat thEy they used to kNow..I'm fond of watching tv and bond with my couz'ns, especially with beLLe, cAmZ, and jen...FYI..i was born here in the pHilippiNes oN april 18, 1996,aNd nOt in singapOre.I just gReW up there till I was 3 years old,,, then we went back here in the pHilippines. i'm a frEshMn sTudent, studying in Cab. Natio' cOmpre. High SkuL..I'm the youngest in our family, and i have 3 cooL brothers... i'm kikay,and i luHb pink eN yeLLow!! i oLwayS use my liP baLm, eN liP gLoszs..

for me, I'm not maarte or over acting like some used to say, in fact, i'm a kind of pErson that lives like a cowgirl,.

I luHb naTure, ..eSpeciaLLy iNsecTs thAt cRawL,,hehehe..i hate judgmental persons, backstabbers, bullies, cOpY cAtzs, and esP. users!...I easily get irritated to those kind of persons...i'm aN eaSy to go wiD perSon, thAt's wHy, i heB manY frienDz.. eLtaZz...

i'M sometimes bAd, bUt moSt oF the tYm, i'M gOOd...i'm loYaL to mAh fweNdz..(siLA man laNg di loYal xakn!)..expect me to do bad if you made something horrible to me..I have one message to those loSers thAt haVe diZ cHaraC. trAiTz,.:

"gO to heLL, en i'LL see u dEr"...

--> signed:

fedelene joy cawagas..