The MIRAVITE Ancestral Home

   Situated at Elias Street, Dimasalang, Manila. I doubt if any family member didn't stay 
there at one time or another. As far as I can remember, we all did. We stayed there for a 
couple of months. when we transferred from Marawi to Manila. Oh, the Miravite angst, pains,
and joys are embedded in every wall and corner of this grand house. I bet, it's all stuck 
there like glue in the wall!

   We used to spend our Christmases in this house with our grandmother, Lola Asion. Then we 
leave before it's 10pm so we can also spend Christmas in our homes. Those were the fun days 
and it's with sadness that those memories are long gone and can now only be found in the 
small cresses of our hearts.

   Thank you to my Cousin, Ronnie, for posting this picture I can almost hear the 
pitter-patter of our feet as kusins run around every corner of the house and the grandma 
shouting ---- 'Ay linti! Kabudlay sa inyo! Magiba bahay ko!' Hahahah!

Nice to reminisce the great times we had as kids....