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Date: November 10, 2014 at 5:36:01 AM EST
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Sun Nov 9, 2014 1:10 pm (PST) . Posted by: "bezleilani" bezleilani

Dan Ariel Miravite needs our support and prayers

Dear Brods and Sis, Moms and Dads,

Our brother Demolay, Dan Ariel Miravite needs your prayers and support. He is currently at ICU #4 -Providence Tarzana Hospital in Tarzana, California, S/P craniotomy last Friday November 7. He sustained a traumatic injury to his brain after being hit in the head last Saturday November 1st. The details of the incident is still under investigation but the resulting injury was that his mentation was declining by Monday when he reported to work and his employer called 911 thinking he had a stroke. The findings were a "head bleed" and expressive aphasia (I.e. Unable to articulate/convey his thoughts). He has clipboard bedside so he can write down his thoughts.

I visited him late last night after work (since most ICU's dont observe visiting hours and mostly allow visitors round the clock).

He was awake and moving all extremities after his brain surgery last Friday evening. He still cant express what he wants to say or his responses are not accurate. Asked him about Claire. He said she's ok and that she was there yesterday. I asked him about his mom and dad. He said that they're both ok. I haven't seen Ariel since 1972 and he doesn't really know me. But I did assess his memory recall based on facts that I know - Dad Miravite had already passed away. So by his response "they're both ok" meant to me that Ariel's mentation is still NOT ok.

This morning, the nurses are concerned that he tends to sleep a lot. He gets pain meds but they want him to be more awake & alert and progressing back to his normal or usual functioning. So this is the ideal recovery and this is what we prayed over last night at his bedside.

Im soliciting your prayers to storm heavens gates for an uneventful (no complications to surgery) and miraculous (piece of broken bone was taken out but hematoma was not evacuated & hopefully wont affect brain functioning in the future)/speedy recovery.

If you would like further details, I think its just appropriate to contact his sibblings - Claire, Daisy, Fides and spouses (who we also prayed for comfort & strength) last night... and will continue to do so until Ariel is fully recovered and stable for discharge to home.

Ariel, Claire & Abe, Fides, Daisy and the rest of the Miravite family, we support you and please dont hesitate to contact/ask/post any requests/needs here in our cyberspace forum/egroups. We are family and during our adolescent/adult years, we took a vow to take care of each other!

Love and blessings to all of you - my masonic family

Big hugs,

Lani Malahay-Pellicer and family

Ariel's photo in the hospital